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The Village of Limestone was incorporated in November of 2006 by an overwhelming majority vote. The Village is located in Kankakee County, Illinois. To date we share the City of Kankakee zipcode of 60901 although we are working on acquiring our own. Our population stands at 1598 and growing. The Village encompasses approximately 2 1/2 square miles. Our footprint jogs around; but, for a good reason. When a new village is established State Statute allows only two (2) square miles to be incorporated. The committee that worked so diligently on the incorporation tried to achieve dense population as well as business properties in order to be eligible to receive tax revenues and boundaries that allow the Village to grow. In the beginning, the Village officials who work pro bono worked out of their homes as well as the Limestone Park building, the Limestone Fire Department, Limestone Township Garage and the Limestone Township Townhall building. In 2008 thanks to the generous donation from Bartle and Vivian Azzarelli of the building located at 5404 W. State Route17 the Village of Limestone has a permanent home! The Village of Limestone sign that stands tall was generously donated by Bob and Ginny Tanner of Tanner Signs and Designs. The building has been renovated and now houses our village office as well as a meeting area. The latest addition is the flag flying proudly as well as the memorial brick path leading to it. The future is bright for the Village and its residents...
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